About Us

Northeast Computer Recycling offers FREE computer recycling for Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you have any new/old, working/broken computer equipment, and you're located in RI or MA, we will pick it up for free. Don't just throw it out, recycle it! Our services are free to both commercial and residential customers.

Established in January 2009, NECR was created to fill a need in the computer industry. We believe that too many computers are thrown away and put in our landfills. We aim to help the consumer by removing end-of-life, broken, and unused computer equipment by recycling it properly. All of the equipment that we receive is deconstructed and recycled or reused.

We would like to thank all of our customers over the past 9 years for coming to us to recycle their computer equipment!

Items that we recycle for FREE:



Computer Towers/Bases
Servers (Standalone and Rack mount Blades)
Laptops (Chargers, Docking Stations, Replicators etc)
Cell Phones (and accessories)
Printers (Laser/Dot Matrix/Ink Jet)
Fax Machines
Keyboards and Mice
Circuit Boards (Expansion Cards, Motherboards etc)
External/Internal Disk Drives
Telecommunications Equipment
All Cabling
All MAC/Apple equipment
LCD Monitors
UPS (Battery Backup Units)
Radios/Home Stereo Equipment
VCR/DVD and other Media Players
MP3 players
And much more not listed...



Items that we charge a fee for:



CRT Computer Monitors:
Due to the added cost in recycling CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. Starting 09/08/2016 the cost has been increased to $10 per CRT monitor to recycle. Please E-mail or call to discuss details further.

Office Sized Copiers:
Standalone office copiers/printers (that one person cannot pick up alone). Charge is $20 per standalone copier/printer.



Items that we do not take at this time:

We do not have a proper outlet for televisions at this time so we cannot take them into the facility.